Dear love,
I see the real you, just because I want to, it doesn’t change anything and even if it does, then it’s just that now I see your darkest parts, your worst sides. And I am glad to see them. For I do not crave for your light, happy sides that you now use as an armour. But these sides which are invincible and wild. Your dark circles, trembling hands or your tired body cannot and will not shake me, I see you for who you are I love you for who you are, and that is a privilidge!🌸💖


“Shadows and sunshine”


It’s my second post, and I am sorry for the delay. But without wasting your time here I go.
It’s said “what a writer writes, it’s the sum of their own experiences.” And I couldn’t agree with it more. Write whatever you feel, talk about what happened and if you are a typical introvert then write, paint, travel or do whatever you want, BUT TAKE OUT THE PAIN. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Ease out a little. Have fantasies, dreams, anything and everything to escape out this reality. Maybe, you must be knowing all this and you are thinking “we know it’s about to take out the pain, the question is how?” I cannot tell you, neither anyone can. It’s you who has to find out but first do not sit in a dark room because you feel the blues are coming. It’s worthless. But you aren’t. I find it shallow to say that do not care about what people say, because even if this thought strikes me for a moment, I am a hypocrite. But those who don’t even care to wander about it casually, kudos to you and those who don’t, start doing. If you say you want to travel and chase your dreams and if you think sometimes that you are worthless and capable of doing nothing, face the truth, you are deceiving yourself. Start being honest to yourself, you can ignore everyone but do not ignore your feelings,accept the pain, accept the scars, start respecting yourself, you do not have to make amends for caring for yourself, the scars are the reminders that you have been hurt but you have picked yourself every time you fell. The DARKNESS won’t last forever. It will end. Start believing, start living. And I assure you once you trust yourself, these shadows will lead you to your sunshine.

My love and wishes for everyone who read and to all those who ignored the post. I hope you all are making a life that will be worth looking back. Spread love. Spread happiness.



Hello! Soooo I am new here and I don’t have a single clue what’s going to happen. Maybe my blog will get lost in this pool of words, and the probability of that going to happen is way too much. But I really like to believe the good side, anyway who doesn’t! So now I should  stop boring you to death here, and must tell you what I am here for.
I want to be a WRITER. And that’s it. That’s what I am here for, to make things happen for myself, to know my capabilities, to know what I am made of. But if I want to start, I need to tell you that I truly, deeply believe in love.
And in this world..where it seems to be full of chaos and hate. I would love if I can make you believe in love and hope. Some of you believe that your darkness is way too much to be understood by anyone and you’ll dismiss whatever I am saying but just believe me once and give life a second chance. I hope I will be of some sort of help to you in the  future.
By the way, if you have read this far and have not scrolled out the post, I am full of gratitude! Hoping to start this journey with some of the best people!